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INERCOM operates on the Bulgarian market for more than 10 years and has realized numerous projects for construction, maintenance and reconstruction of power. Over 90% of the Company's business is directed to the realization of projects for production of electricity of renewable energy sources and to the increasing of the energy efficiency of residential and public buildings.

In its activity INERCOM uses modern and competitive technology and thanks to that, it reaches optimum production parameters of the facilities it manages.

Inercom's vision is to be a leader in providing safe and reliable energy solutions. We strive to achieve this by use of the latest trends in technology and investing in improving the quality of the competence of our employees. The company seeks long-term optimization of the production of electricity from renewable sources, energy efficiency and reduction of the carbon emissions.

The activities managed by Inercom contribute to the saving of 150,000 tons of CO2 emissions /carbon dioxide/ on average annually.

Energy savings achieved as a result of the implemented energy efficiency measures contribute directly to the increasing of the competitiveness of the economy and stimulate the economic growth and create new jobs.

Inercom supports green initiatives for separate collection of waste, use of electronic signing of documents and avoiding unnecessary printing, implementation of energy saving solutions. We support campaigns associated with the World Environment Day – 5th June, for clean and green Bulgaria, etc.

  • Creation and use of new business models
  • Introduction of innovations in the energy sector
  • Growth in the energy market and increasing the services offered to our customers
  • Acquisition of assets in the energy sector and energy infrastructure
  • Invest in the development of our staff
  • Impose tendencies on the market
  • Use of new IT technologies and modern energy sources
  • Combining technology and new creative decisions
  • Enter new markets
  • Grow in adjacent business areas
  • Integral decisions for business clients
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