Technology development, reducing investment costs and climate conditions in Bulgaria naturally presuppose greater use of renewable energy sources in each home, in each enterprise with greater share of the total energy consumption, as the cheapest source of electricity with free and inexhaustible primary resources.

By the legislative package "Climate and Energy 2020", The European Union drew positive perspective for renewable energy sources for the period to 2020. RES Directive introduce the mandatory EU target to reach 20% renewable energy sources in the final energy consumption and for each member -state were introduced individually binding targets. With the adopted by the European Commission "Energy Roadmap for the period to 2050" the proposal for decarbonization of the energy sector indicates a share of the energy from renewable sources by at least 30% by 2030. This package includes a proposal for revision of the Directive on the renewable sources energy (COM (2016) 0767) in order to make the EU a world leader in renewable energy and to ensure a target of at least 27% share of renewable energy in the total energy consumption in the EU by 2030. In June 2016 the Parliament adopted a resolution on the report on the progress in the field of renewable energy, which called on the Commission to present a more ambitious package on energy and climate to 2030 where the EU target for renewable energy to be increased to at least 30%, which to be achieved through individual national targets. Already agreed for 2020 goals should serve as a minimum basis for the revision of the Directive on renewable energy. On January 17, 2018 the Parliament supported a share of RES energy by at least 35% in energy consumption by 2030.

The cost of electricity from renewable energy sources is reduced continuously, achieving effective integration of the variable sources. According to the recent reports the solar and wind power provide 6% of world electricity production and is expected their share to reach 20% in the total energy mix by 2040 , as they will be among the most competitive sources of electricity. The demand for electricity will continue to grow and one of the main factors for this is the technological development, the electrification of industry and the digitization.

Inercom promote the production and marketing of electricity generated in an environmentally friendly way. The company turned the idea of green energy in its cause and develops it, creating a community of partners who share the vision of a cleaner future.

Our goal is market integration of this energy without the requirement for preferential tariffs and other non-market incentives.

We consistently pursue the objectives set by the EU in the energy field for stable, low carbon and green economy.

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